Nov 26 - Dec 3


MACE awakens with the celebration of technical brilliance that would accelerate one’s pneuma, its annual national technical festival - Takshak’22. As one of the premier forums for tech enthusiasts from all over India to meet, Takshak gives students a window to showcase technical calibre and innovative ideas. Not just any technical fest, Takshak is a platform for wonders that inspires and motivates countless numbers. Nevertheless, it commemorates a unifying link between branches of our college. Now, when our world is almost back to normal, we are celebrating our creativity. The 15th edition of Takshak is a reminder to embrace our existence, bring our aspirations to life and invoke our spirit. It's time to live again with Takshak 22.

Our Theme

Innate to Iconic

Not too long ago, a Takshak rose from the ashes welcoming a new genesis. The question that rekindles the fire is. "What now?". With the contemplation of life. we have a cue to this uncertainty. Even though we are born the same, we evolve into our uniqueness, making ourselves part of a spectrum. To provide that indispensable lift from our innateness to an archetype, a brand new Takshak is surging


Even though the air of despondency has engulfed our existence. Takshak is here to bring back our exuberant selves. We are a spectrum of individuals with dreams as high as mountains and spirits that need ignition. Takshak 22 lights the match to accelerate our aspirations and celebrate our pneuma. Let us band together, perceive our uniqueness and #revelthespectrum.


Aishwarya Rajeev
Gouri Lakshmi
Sachin warrier
Vidhu Prathap


Helicopter Ride

Diamond Jubilee Takshak '22 brings you an experience of a lifetime. It is your chance to see the world from a whole new perspective. Join us on the 26th and 27th of November for ticketed Helicopter rides.


Social Events

Series of humanitarian events benefiting all involving Public place cleaning, Mime, Paper pen Workshop,Scrap Modelling

Vajra MACE

Diamond Jubilee Takshak'22 brings forth to you PROJECT EXPO - VAJRA MACE


Telei is the premium event. Its a series of automotive-oriented event to display power, performance and grandeur.

Pro Shows

Pro shows by Kalavedhi, Choreo nite, Band war etc...